AI Giants Will Pledge for Safety and Transparency at White House

Artificial Intelligence (AI) flag-bearers from companies such as Google and OpenAI will commit voluntarily to ensuring safety and transparency with AI.

Countries are becoming increasingly concerned as AI becomes more powerful and are exploring ways to regulate it. And now industry leaders have committed to addressing these concerns.

AI Giants Address White House

According to the Financial Times, companies pushing AI innovations, such as Google, OpenAI, Meta, Anthropic, Amazon, Inflection AI, and others will commit “to help move toward safe, secure and transparent development of AI technology” at a meeting at the White House.

Microsoft president Brad Smith, Inflection AI’s CEO Mustafa Suleyman, and Meta’s Nick Clegg are among the top executives from these AI companies. They will agree to commit to various safety and transparency measures, such as internal and external testing of their technologies before public release.

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They will also inform the government about various risk mitigation measures. AI leaders will make it convenient for third parties to flag vulnerabilities in their technology.

In May, the CEOs of Alphabet, Anthropic, Microsoft, and OpenAI met the President and Vice President of the US. The agenda of the meeting was to discuss new measures to promote responsible innovation in Artificial Intelligence.

Regulations a Priority

A White House official said:

“The voluntary commitments were pushing the envelope on what companies are doing and raising the standards for safety, security, and trust of AI. However, that did not change the need for bipartisan legislation and an executive order from the White House. This is a high priority for the president and the team here.”

Last month, US Senators proposed a bipartisan bill for transparent AI usage and to promote competitiveness. Meanwhile, other countries like the UK are also exploring AI regulation.

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