Bitcoin Featured in Kids’ Cartoon Amid Brewing Legislative Fight

Angel Studios’ Tuttle Twins, which kicked off its second season in March, is in the news for an episode featuring Bitcoin.

Executive producer Connor Boyack, and the author of the Tuttle Twins books, took to Twitter to call the episode the “first kids cartoon teaching about Bitcoin!”

Bitcoin and the Beast

On May 2, the third episode of the Tuttle Twins television series will air. The episode is titled ‘Bitcoin and the Beast.’ It dives into the debate on if Bitcoin surpasses traditional payment methods or is merely ‘made up money.’

Elon Musk is also parodied in the program trailer with Shiba Inu dogs.

The show is known to incorporate political, social, and religious themes into its episodes. For example, one of the episodes introduces Gandhi’s nonviolent philosophy. The episode features the “principles of Hinduism and the teachings of Jesus.”

Another episode of the show discusses capitalism and the ‘true meaning’ of free markets.

The website introduces the idea of free markets while simultaneously posing the question of whether children today are being “brainwashed.” Tuttle Twins was referred to as “ring-wing children’s entertainment” in a CNN opinion piece. The article made claims that the program champions conservative leaders while defending kids from “socialism, Marxism, collectivism, and media lies.”

The Tuttle Twins’ website landing page

As a popular sermon among conservative parents, the website notes,

“Our books recognize that the world is full of companies, people, and politicians who want to expose your children to ideas you do not support.”

The Tuttle Twins website claims to have sold 4 million copies of its books.

OTT Releases Amid Digital Asset’s Legislative Fight 

Sherrod Brown and Elizabeth Warren, both Democratic senators, have frequently emphasized that the Bitcoin industry was created to cover up participation in illicit conduct.

On the other hand, Republican Senator Bill Hagerty has criticized the aggressive enforcement against crypto firms without defining legal requirements. Meanwhile, Congressman Tom Emmer has been advancing cryptocurrency interests by promoting proposals favorable to the sector.

Bitcoin has also recently started appearing in many television shows and movies.

Trust No One: The Hunt for the Crypto King, a 2022 Netflix film, sought to shed light on the mysterious passing of cryptocurrency mogul Gerald Cotten.

Dope was the first movie to offer Bitcoin ticket sales back in 2015. Malcolm, a character in the film, talks about how “money as we know it is dead.” He says soon the “world is only going to buy and sell products using Bitcoin,” describing it as complicated math equations.

Meanwhile, content on the broader subject of digital money and virtual currencies dominates OTT platforms.


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