DigiToads Meteoric presale growth reminiscent of Stepn and Aptos

  • DigiToads is an exciting new web3 game that lets you collect, nurture and battle Toad NFTs.
  • The DigiToads presale is in the third stage called “Lilypad 3.’
  • Only 3.92% of the current presale stage remains to be claimed.

The cryptocurrency world is witnessing yet another explosive presale event with DigiToads (TOADS), a DeFi token whose presale has piqued significant interest among crypto enthusiasts and play-to-earn (P2E) gamers in recent weeks. Like Stepn (GMT) and Aptos (APT), two previous presale success stories, DigiToads has seen a remarkable surge in popularity and investment.

The similarities are striking when comparing DigiToads to previous presale success stories such as Stepn (GMT) and Aptos (APT). Just like the two, the DigiToads presale is quickly selling out seeing that its third stage is already 96.08% sold out. You can participate in the presale here.

Stepn and Aptos experienced explosive growth during their respective presales, with investors clamouring to get in on the action. 

Why has DigiToads (TOADS) become so popular?

DigiToads (TOADS) aims to bring together the worlds of NFTs, DeFi tokens, and GameFi through its unique platform that allows users to stake their NFTs in exchange for increased rewards while engaging with the platform’s gaming setup.

The DigiToads presale event, which is almost coming to an end, offers investors the opportunity to purchase the TOADS altcoin at a low price. At press time, one TOADS token was going for 0.016 USD USDT. So far, the presale has reached Stage 3 of the ten planned stages and has raised a whopping $1 million within weeks.

Comparing the DigiToads presale to the Stepn presale?

Stepn (GMT) experienced tremendous growth during its presale stage. 

Stepn is a move-to-earn platform that pays users in either ERC-20 tokens, GMT, or Green Satoshi. Stepn’s presale raked in over $9 million and the price of GMT kept rising throughout the presale period.

There are similarities when comparing the TOADS presale with Stepn’s (GMT) presale growth. The numerous elements, including the potential growth in both tokens and the unique features provided by DigiToads (TOADS) and Stepn (GMT), can be blamed for this rapid rise. Plus, they both used similar marketing techniques to draw interest.

Comparing Aptos Presale to the DigiToads presale

Aptos (APT) is the newest layer one blockchain and it received substantial venture capital backing when it was starting. Many believe this is because it was created by the team responsible for the creation of Meta.

Just like the TOADS token price, the price of APT grew significantly throughout its presale which began in October 2022. The Aptos token has experienced substantial growth with its price increasing from $2 to $10 in just a few months.

Overall, the DigiToads (TOADS) token growth mirrors that of Aptos making it a cryptocurrency to watch in the coming weeks.

Is DigiToads’ TOADS token a good investment?

Well, investing in cryptocurrencies comes with a myriad of risks especially since the crypto market is extremely volatile and the fact that there are many scam projects out here.

However, despite the many challenges, there are still viable crypto projects that investors can cash in although one has to consider a variety of factors before investing his/her hard-earned money.

That said, DigiToads’ TOADS presale could be a good chance for investors to take advantage of the DigiToads projects before it goes mainstream.

The TOADS token is a utility-rich token and its price has been rising during the presale. 

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